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to you. >> thank you. 4:35. business owners in ocean city likely will spend the week cleaning up all the damage along the boardwalk. >> brianne carter is there this morning as we survey the damage. >> quite a few changes in ocean city this morning. the rain has stopped, but the wind is still living. we understand delmarva power is reporting some people are in the dark. look behind me and see all the boardwalk lights are out. we do have power here at the hotel, but the power along the boardwalk seems to be out. delmarva power reporting that there are scattered outages of ocean city. there's a lot of damage here as well because of the flooding, but also because of the been andrea -- because of the wind and waves. several fences along the boardwalk are now either bent or broken. several homes and businesses are flooded. we are waiting for crews to be able to get out and start assessing the damage in coastal city. we understand we have several bridges in maryland that are closed. -- assessing the damage in ocean city. we expect to get high tides around 8:19 down at the pierre that is dam
and slam new york city. so much of the skyline plunged into darkness. a record-breaking loss of power. floodwaters pour into tunnels. hospitals forced to evacuate. >> oh, my goodness. it is an infant. >> now, new dangers. >> not by water, not by flood, not by sandy. but by fire. >> nine states under a state of emergency right now. all the latest on the catastrophic damage, dramatic rescues and where the storm is headed next. our extreme weather team, live, in the storm zone. "good morning america's" special coverage starts, right now. >>> and you are lookingt the scene overnight in parts of new york city. fires raging in the floodwaters. dozens of homes destroyed. entire neighborhoods on fire. we have new pieces of information pouring in every minute right now. this storm has taken many lives. at least 16 so far. there's so much devastation. >> it is remarkable, we're seeing these images more and more. and the 7.5 million people are out of power at this hour. the center of the storm, by the way, is over central pennsylvania. and we just got this in. a levee in new jersey was breached
weather team has the latest. >>> bracing for impact. could this storm shut down america's largest city? while power companies are calling in cavalry from out in the hartleyland, millions are told they could lose electricity for up to ten days. >>> the political storm. could sandy tilt the balance for the race to the white house? it's driving thousands to the polls for early voting and causing the campaigns to rejigger their plans for the all-important stretch run. >>> and tsunami warning. magnitude 7.7 earthquake off the west coast, triggers a tsunami warning for hawaii. we'll have the latest. >>> hey, good morning. we're watching this developing story in the hawaii tsunami warning. the threat not completely over. a live report in just a few minutes. >>> we'll start here, of course, with the superstorm, which one meteorologist has called part hurricane and part nor'easter. all trouble. take a look at sandy from space. it's expected to have tropical-force winds that extend out 500 miles from the center. >> states of emergency have been declared up and down the east coast. and it a state
a heroic helicopter pilot coming to save them and new york city watching the waters rise. the busiest city in america, landmark like a ghost town and on this night when 60 million americans are feeling the effects of hurricane sandy, the abc news team is out in force in every corner of the storm. tonight, the moment it crashes on land, our team in the storm zone bringing you what's happening at this hour as "world news" begins. >>> good evening, and welcome to this special one-hour edition of "world news" and as we come on the air, it is happening right now, hurricane sandy crashing on shore. winds now at 90 miles per hour and this storm is so big, so vast, 60 million americans will feel its power. tonight our extreme weather team is all over the storm zone ready to report so let's go straight to abc's meteorologist ginger zee who is right in the bull's-eye as the storm is hitting the shore now in atlantic city, new jersey. ginger? >> we're essentially inside the storm. diane. we're easily getting into some of the worst stuff, 60 to even 74 miles per hour, that threshold of hurricane force
silence in times square with mass transit across new york city halted. ahead of the hurricane. not just mass transit, bus, light rail, amtrak on the east coast, airlines, the city is for all intents and purposes shut down. >> nothing, nothing going on. the scope of the storm is just incredible. forecasters expect high altitude wind to whip through every state east of the mississippi. and as people prepare now to go days without power, we'll have the best advice for coping with the storm and also, staying safe in the aftermath. >> weep were discussing that. that's the worst part. losing power. you want to take a shower. you want to eat. you want to get out of the house you can't. >> trapped. the worst part for so many. >> can't charge your iphone. >> what will you do? >> little break from sandy. we'll run down the best nfl action of the week. and see how we are doing with our picks and how you are doing with yours. a brief break from the storm coverage. >> speaking of sports. we know on the west coast you are loving life right now. congratulations to the san francisco giants. they won th
can. >> much different from yesterday in ocean city, maryland. let's look at what sandy did out there. >> not a pretty picture. brianne carter was there during the height of the storm over night and is joining us now this morning with an update. >> good morning. when we weren't at the height of the storm last night and you could hear the wind howling. it seems we are still experiencing some very strong wind gusts down here. a lot to contend with in ocean city this morning. we do have light rain falling but it's much colder today and the wind gusting heavily and cutting right through you. there will be a lot to clean up in ocean city over the next couple days. look behind me and you can see one of those benches on the boardwalk. these were bolted down to the boardwalk. the wind and water pushed them down several streets. this is a similar sights all across the boardwalk in ocean city. there's more damage just in this block. look at this fence from the hotel swimming pool, dangling in the wind. they will have to repair that. we have seen several like this along the boardwalk today. the
in line with it making landfall, but there's a bit of discrepancy. some heading towards atlantic city, new york city, some towards the delmarva coast. 13 b delmarva. the storm is so wide the further south that comes in lund as we go through into early next week, the more concerns we have. i want to share your this map. it is a great job of showing you, that orange area the whole area of tropical storm force winds. if you are traveling, the southeast corridor is not where you want to be traveling. up to the midwest is just called. we will break it down and what to expect. >> thank you. people and hurricane zones prepare for the worst and hope for the best. your seeing evidence of that already as folks are trying to stock up. with what is being done to prepare their, john gonzalez. >> talk of potential record flooding in alexandria they become very nervous. it and put on the sand bags and move the furniture. there's a man securing his vote. there's only so much you can do. today the potomac river looks column but that can change drastically in a few days. sandy doesn't seem to be losing much
>>> tonight on "nightline," an american war zone. in cities all across this nation, killing fields hidden in plain sight. among the casualties, a 7-year-old, gunned down selling candy. and a 6-year-old, sitting on the porch with her mother. we take you inside a hidden america. to chicago, where we meet children, afraid to leave their houses. and the young gang members caught up in a brutal battle. >> you got to be smart out here because you will be gone. off this earth. i i might not even make it today. >> and, an unprecedented event, as we bring 38 gang members together to sit down and talk with their rivals. and with the courageous mothers and children begging them to stop. >> don't shoot -- >> don't shoot -- >> don't shoot, i want to grow up. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, bill weir, and tonight, cynthia mcfadden with diane sawyer in new york city, this is a special edition of "nightline," october 19th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, my colleague and "world news" anchor, diane sawyer, joins us with the latest in on o
. this is a time lapse from ocean city, maryland. look at the end of that pierre. . that is about 100 feet appear that was wiped out. of pier wiped out. we see 35-mile per hour wind gusts. here is a time line -- 30-50 hour gusts are expected then 45-55 6:00 midnight and by tomorrow 50-70g, we will see the per mile power wins. ds. talk about other aspects of sandy coming up in a little bit. you can still find us online you could also use your mobile phone. we will be applied streaming. as you mentioned, the maryland line is really taking a pounding. has beener ocean city by waves. brianne carter has more. we know the waves have been oming in tyrian >> we are starting to see some damage. we are seeing sheets of from these sections along the boardwalk. down here andng debris scattered the boardwalk. the big concern is flooding and is exactly what we have seen throughout the morning. they put up these steel barriers entrance points to the water out as the possible but it did not work out. an hour or so ago, there was it looked more like a river here. we took some pictures of the pi er that
is the big ptuture at this moment, 14 states with cities and towns underwater and in places the water is 8 feet deep. and another night of darkness for millions of people, the new york city skyline in shadow. nearly half the island has no power at all. 8 million people in 18 states in the cold and dark tonight. and our extreme weather team is fanned out across the storm zone. abc's alex perez starts us out in little ferry, new jersey, still underwater, rescue is under way right now. alex. >> reporter: well, diane, we've learn president obama will be in new jersey surveying the damage tomorrow. but i want you to take a look around me here. this is what many blocks across little ferry, new jersey, look like tonight completely submerged. you'll see cars that tried to get out but just could not. in this neighborhood alone more than 400 stranded people were rescued today. rescuers made their way through flooded streets today picking up stranded families. >> want to come out? >> reporter: and the boats bringing people to where they could be trucked to safety. whole families huddled together in t
at the rainfall total so far. but at ocean city. up to about 2.3 inches. that is on the eastern shore. we can expect about 4-8 inches of rain throughout the rest event. maximum wind gusts at ocean city airport is 52 miles per hour. this is the impact you can expect from later today. >> we have some changes overnight from what sandy has been doing. it has been taking that turn. it is moving to the north instead of the northeast. we will watch to see when it turns to the northwest. we do think it will stay to the north of the d.c. metro area which is good news for us. we will be on the good side of the storm. we will predominately be coming in from the north to northwest as opposed to dealing with the onshore flow. we will be dealing with the heavy rain and flood event. 4-8 inches of rainfall widespread. there will be isolated heavier amounts. we are not going to see so much flash flooding with this. this will be more of a river flood event. here is the predicted forecast model. just one of them. you can see some of the heavier amounts. d.c. looking at about four inches of rain. this is over to
to improve anytime soon. brad has been in ocean city, md., sandy first arrived. some shelterg right now. i thought this was going to calm down. in fact, the wind speed has storm hasbecause the tooser as it came shore in new jersey. ,t is nasty looking, certainly are about half the what they were when [inaudible] blowing in.n stille you can see which way the wind blowing. are heading toward another in a few hours. we had a high tide this morning at 8:00 that was pretty dramatic. up and overoming the sea wall. pretty substantial. this is an example of the power of those waves. is one of the benches they very heavy cast-iron bench. it was drawn into this garden. as was this bench. another one over there. it is pretty much like that up and down the boardwalk. you can see some of the debris out here. you can see the sand starting to on the boardwalk as the and thecomes exposed comes walking around the buildings. -- would been around the buildings. about theconcern flooding and there was a lot of flooding in ocean city big 16 street south all the way to the image, a block behind the boardwalk, a
, conditions are a lot worse in the new york city metropolitan area. many remain in the dark on top of the flood related problems in manhattan, long island and other communities as well. >> crissy is live in new york with the latest on the cleanup and relief efforts -- chris is live in new york with the latest on the cleanup and relief efforts. >> good evening. folks in new york city are coming out from hunkering down yesterday and last night in their homes and hotels. they are waking up to some very interesting pictures. one of those is right behind me. this building lost its entire facade in the windall in all, across the eastern seaboard about 8 million people were without power today. that number is not to about 6.5 million. nonetheless, recovery efforts are just getting underway. >> all of a sudden, the east river creeping block by block. >> reliving the for a super storm sandy. with debris, came a sobering dose of reality. holmes unrecognizable, roads impassable, -- homes unrecognizable, roads impassable, trees toppling. >> restoring power and mass- transit remain the two bigg
, mayor great toward the city. they were removing the tree there. >> we just looked outside and we saw the car. >> the mayor returned to the bloomingdale neighborhood known for flooding in the greeted residents to said despite the rain and wind they were for the most part, spirit. >> when we look at what is going on in new york and new jersey, we survived. >> the mayor spent more than half an hour on a conference call with president obama, 10 governors, and other mayors. >> he indicated he is prepared to make sure they cut through all the red tape so that federal assistance if needed will be made immediately available. if people have any difficulty getting through the federal apparatus to call them directly ourselves. >> the city is getting back to normal in the schools and the government will make it back on tomorrow. they are restoring power but for one family that will not solve their problems. >> this is the hole where the tree came from. this is what is left from the tree and that is their home there. power was restored in this neighborhood just about an hour ago. the mayor has pr
york city, this is "extra. >> hey, everybody, i'm maria enounos. t was a scary nightn new ork city, mario, between the looding and the winds. was right by a hotel door that completely shattered from he impact. wow, , the shots that were it's really nbelievable. what's it like to get around there? >> it's virtually impossible. have an army of photogs including alec and hilaria who shot from their apartment. some let's get to breaking news. transformed pple water world, histstoric far as the eye can see. and in the ound sky. than 30 dead, boats tossed a megatrail of destruction. >> forecast to be a superstorm and boy was it ever. >> a historic storm in every measure. subways swamped ground zero inundated. repoers up and down the east oast braving thelements. aught in sandy's fury. worst wind that had. >> weather channel meteorologist jim cantore with maria today. feel like it was bad thought it would be? >> maybe a little worse, actually. there's water four feet high in the streets and cars floating round. it was a movie set everywhere ou turned. > rosie o'donnell snapping his pic
that are under a blizzard warning. the the centeree of sandy coming near oceant now city, new jersey. the track will take it across delaware bay. , the reinss around new york city, even into island, have not been as as they had been up through our area. can see these winds continue from the northwest. that is tending to drive the water out. we have had wind gusts up to 52 in the last hour. iran to atlantic city, the is bottoming. -- around advantage city, the is bottoming and will to our perhaps another two or 3 inches of rain. the total rainfall around the will be 5-6rea inches. 8:00 to midnight or 1:00 in the morning will be the time were we have to watch for more damage, more power outages. even though sandy is in short, not out of the woods by a long shot. >> the beaches are seeing the far.damage so part of the pier in oakland -- was wiped out today. a boardwalk and some streets already flooded. brad has been out there all day. blowing likeis crazy right now. more than we have seen during of the storm. i do not know if this is going to work or not. a little while ago, i almost got
flooding reported in the city of monocacy river. i 2 -- the potomac will be now and 7:00een p.m.. alexandria, cresting about a moderate level as well. despite some beautiful sunshine while, this is the view in lower maryland. gray, overcast skies, but hang there -- more sunshine is coming. little chilly, but it will be trigger traders tonight night.-or-treaters to more incredible pictures coming in from new york and new jersey. more and more in of hurricane center. the process to clean up will take more than a few days. that is for sure. our helicopters are in full a look at the damage. jersey are still today, the, and also got a firsthand look. >> the pictures, the video of devastation on the jersey shore and in new york -- see.ugh to today, it got worse. another small town now gone. holmes collapse in this community in new jersey, some their foundation. it was a gas explosion. now, neighborhoods are gone. wast looks like the pier ocean.up by the other neighborhoods in new by sand andowed up water. heights, entire .locks of homes gone the entrance to the town gone. i have bee
here in new york city. mario, i'm on the hudson river where the winds have picked up, the water is quickly rising and the storm is about to break. >> we have been watching some trulyllhilling images today -- massive waves, houses slammed, reporters dragged into the ocean. >> yeah, mario, i is gegetting scary out here. we're getting pelted with rain and it's only going to get worse. >> millions of americans in danger, a once-in-a-century super storm seemingly hell bent on wreaking a path of total destruction up a down the east coast. homes washing away. >> parts breaking off and falling into the ocean. >> reporting washing away. >> whoa! >> 60 million people will be impacted. >> this is one for the record books. >> closed, shut, blaring front-page nds sandy's path. journalists putting their lives on the line to cover the mster maelstrom. >> it's biting ice pelts slamming across us. >> cbs's chip reid caught in a sudden storm surge. >> whoa! >> that wave just came roaring over. >> abc matt gutman and his cameraman swamped by a wall of water trying to escape to higher ground. even
in the track, ever so slight, if you look right around tuesday at 2:00 a.m., that atlantic city line. it's been weaving a little bit on new jersey, where the center of that path would be. but that's not that important, other than where the major water will go, with that storm surge. the rest of the affects, the wind and rain, david, will be felt from the mid-atlantic well into new england for at least two days. >> back to that question i asked there a moment ago, so many people wondering why is this being called a superstorm? >> reporter: david, i think the best way to tell people that is show them on a graphic that we put together. it's a 3d graphic that will show you all three elements. it's easier to look at it once you see them. all night long, sandy marches up the east coast, practically parallel. more than 200 miles offshore. it will collide with an arctic front coming in from the west, throwing a new dose of energy into the storm and expanding its already monther size and reach. then, inject the 1 150-mile-per-hour plus winds of the jet stream and forecasters think sandy explodes into a
it will be historic. and it will be late tomorrow and into tuesday. it's still not raining in new york city. >> how does this storm rival any other storms you can remember? >> the only one i can remember is the blizzard of 78. it was like that anded the an eye but that was a winter situation that came up. by the time i got home after three or four days, four feet snow. this one because it's autumn, five to ten inches of rain in many areas. so what we have to deal with is the rain then the wind. once the soil gets saturated that's the increasing danger of power outages and trees coming down. one posssive is leaves are down but the roads are going to be slippery in the morning with the leaves down. >> a viewer on twitter wants to know what time the winds will hit in arlington area? >> the winds will be tomorrow from the north and northwest. so i've been suggestings if you know which way the snorth, that would be the way the winds will be coming and branches and things are the thing to watch out for. sometimes we have winds coming from the south and tree
city topped the list. arlington, virginia, in second place. halloween costumes in the office. is that they do or don't? more on that in the next hour. linda bell reporting. back to you. >> thank you. 4:37 60 degrees. >> you will need an umbrella and some patients if you are using metro this weekend. >> its friday morning. we want to check in with jummy olabanji. >> a suspicious death in leesburg. >> they say just before 1:00 this morning they received phone calls from family members because victim's family members had not seen her in several days. police got to an apartment located in the 800 block of edward's ferry rd. they found the body of a hispanic female in her early 20s inside the apartment. police have not released identity. police believe it is an isolated incident and that there's no threat to the greater community. we have a crew headed to leesburg right now. as soon as we get more information, we will update you later in the newscast. back to you. >> thank you. we want to check in with jacqui jeras. all the talk about storms on the horizon. >> as it should be. our
and have consequences. >> from the shores of ocean city. to the hearts of our neighborhoods. and along the east coast. now it is only getting worse with he's passionate -- with each passing hour. >> is moving in a hurry. >> we bring you live storm watch coverage right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a first at 11:00 tonight, destruction, power outages, the far from over. >> every corner of our region, forced a local family there out and seek shelter inside their truck. for all the problems that it has here, the storm is expected to cause more trouble jersey and new york. it is already taking a toll. this apartment building you see is off of the building the storm. that is on top of major flooding. on this comingre on thettl newscast. every corner of the region, the itself will look over night. every movement. >> what is happening around the now, southwest philadelphia pennsylvania, flood warnings and watch as all over the place. the highest wind of the season evening, they'll continue. what is happening around the region right now? >> it has be
mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," october 18th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, we begin with a look at airport security and what's on the other side of those security lines. big, crowded airports like miami international, the pressure of delivering 100,000 stressed out passengers safely to their destination every day makes for no shortage of human drama, as my co-anchor bill weir discovered. >> reporter: let's say you're on a flight into miami. and the guy next to you comes completely unhinged. >> sir, i need you to take a seat right now. >> i paid a lot of money for this seat. >> reporter: while you watch flight attendants struggle for control, what you'll never see, what you ever see is an airport the size of a small city spring from defense to offense in a blink. bolds move as word spreads. >> all right, guys, go ahead. it's on you. >> reporter: from pilot to tower, where intense eyes flick past the 1,500 camera feeds to find that corner of the runway known as the penalty box. there, while engines wind, guns approach, held by miam
minnesota. showers around minneapolis and green bay. moving later into chicago and kansas city. >> 60s in the midwest. and 70s from albuquerque all the way to boise. >>> when we come back this morning, one of the worst cases of hoarding ever. we'll tell you where and show you just how bad it is. >>> and something new in the sugary beverage battle. get ready for soda machines that dispense calorie counts. >>> and the show must go on, they say. a qvc guest passes out on the air. but the co-host, he keeps on pitching. >>> welcome back, everyone. american airlines is promising improvement this morning. the bankrupt carrier's ceo admits the past couple of weeks have been rough on its passengers. but delays and cancellations, but its on-time performance last month was 25% worse than its major competitors. but ceo tom horton says american is working through its problems. >>> there is good news down the road for california drivers. analysts say wholesale gas prices are plunging, that's right, plunging. and retail prices should catch up later this week. the state is allowing refineries to switc
that they are worried about here in alexandria. tomorrow and thursday are big concerns because the city is being told that high tide on both those days may be flooding and potentially little worse than what we see in old town tonight. abc7 news. >> we will be monitoring those concerns over flooding over night. and for updates in the morning turn to "good morning washington" starting at a special time, 4:00 a.m., right here on abc 7. >> the major mess up in new york city, here is video from manhattan accuse you the scope of the massive power outages. all told, sandy is blamed for 8.5 million power outages. in new york city alone, 2.2 million customers were without cutpower. and the storm is responsible for 18 deaths in new york city. look at this video from earlier today of a flooded tarmac at longoria -- at la guardia international airport. all airport remained closed tonight. and the situation in new jersey remains quite catastrophic. these are aerial pictures of the widespread flooding along the jersey shore. about 30 million customers remain without power tonight. president obama will travel to ne
have a look at how the city is preparing. >> we are standing here in october because last winter was so unusually mild. dare i say warm. they are hoping that two years ago, 2010, does not happen again, but if it does, we will have enough trucks and enough salt. the winter of 2010, back-to-back blizzards, snowmaggedon. the d.c. area was buried four days. council member larry tate was no fan back then. >> i thought we were caught flatfooted. >> will the city be ready if this coming winter producers of lizard that shut everything down again? -- produces a blizzard that shut everything down again? >> we are ready. >> it is still hard, much harder than it should of been for the residents. >> the city purchase 45 new snow plows, and this time around the city has a contract for 50 additional heavy plows if needed. >> we were overwhelmed. i am glad we have got more. >> the city has parked and ready to go and contingency plans for the upcoming storm season. in 2010, the salt around the city when dry. and now the city has contracts with not one, but two companies to get more salt if needed. and n
potential. we're going to see that again today. texas, dallas included here, up through oklahoma city. even kansas city and parts of far western illinois, western wisconsin. this whole region is in a slight risk for isolated tornadoes, that hail, and damaging winds. we'll be watching for that later this afternoon and evening. you want to catch your latest on the abc station near you. until then, i'll have more on the weather and the deep freeze coming up. back to dan. >> ron asked an important question, have you ever played ping-pong with the ball the size of hail? >> think about it. >> nothing to say here. >> by the way, dan, the pronunciation for dog in new york is dog. we're here in new york. >>> good morning, everyone. we begin with the arrests that have been made in connection with the shooting of the courageous pakistani girl that stood up to the taliban. four people have been arrested for the attack on malala yusefzai. she is in stable condition after being shot in the head and neck. >>> and two dozen people on a party boat in san francisco bay had a scare when the boat started sinki
for at least 13 deaths in the united states. >> sandy flooded tunnels in new york city, along with subway stations, the electrical system, the power to wall street. power out for more than five million customers across the east. it's unlikely that the full extent of the storm's damage will be known until date. let's update on you what's happening here in the d.c. region. >> so pepco reporting 32,000 customers in the dark this morning. dominion virginia power has more than 122,000 without electric today. and b.g.e. reporting more than 215,000 outages. novec has nearly 23,000 customers without power this morning. also, you should note that schools and government offices all across the region closed today again today. >> and you're going to find another way to get to work if you have to go. if you use mass transit, no metrorail or bus service this morning. marc or v.r.e. trains not running. amtrak has cancelled all northeast corridor trains. all flights at the d.c. area's three major airports are cancelled today. we're going to go to ocean
city made the list of america's sharpest cities. >> and a look ahead at the to close outpared the regular season and home. one more game today. the team is the nationals will end the .egular season at home today >> the champions will close out philliess against the to wait toey have out who they will play in the first round of the playoffs. teddy roosevelt will more shot. he seems to have trouble every time it tries to block out the competition. attend -- the fans attending this afternoon's game pin even if a teddy they don't win today. the birds, made the playoffs for since 1987, still behind the new york yankees. they beat the red sox last night. can force a one-game tiebreaker. that is if they win tonight and beat the yankees. we hope all falls into place d.c.baltimore and >> let's check and wood jacqui jeras on the weather. >> dense fog advisory is in across maryland and extreme northern virginia. even though we don't have an advisory in the metro, it is foggy withy visibility at a half mile at national and a third of a mile at dulles. warm temperatures. 70 in d.c., 64 at
of their paycheck to the city. sam ford has more on what to get back.t but i do not understand what is on in this place. >> i do not understand what is going on in this place. >> the council took up several e revenuegetting mor workers, since d.c. prohibited from taxing residents. new-ill would provide all to give back 4% of their salary. >> those dollars within our city. if you go to ask the workers, it "if you live in d.c.?" >> i live in maryland. i have been in maryland all of my life. of the city's 31,000 58% do not live in the city. one worker moved to maryland h his new wife. i was born in d.c. >> he was not at the hearing and those that were read council the riot act. >> we, of course, want to hear the public. do not affect our ability to people and retain them. >> in northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. as it could as good be. and feeling more like summer around here. afteras more, coming up the break. and another showdown this weekend. one for the record book. [ mamale announcer ] we the people, the middle class, who move our country forward, work hard, raise familie
to keep the fans moving. the loser will have to apply the plight of the winning city over city hall. -- fly the flag of the winning city over city hall. >> nasa is concerned over what curiosity salt. >> what inspired astor not martelly to write a book about a mouse? >> cloudy and chilly now, but much better weather is on the way. pala howze: it just seems like such an... infringement on our lives. how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. >> retired after not martelly, the husband of -- retired astronauts mark kelly has written a book called mouse tronaut. he said he is inspired to write by what he calls a crisis in education. >> we are often not in the top 50 anymore. we used to be at the top. >> there is mark kelly with former -- with his wife, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> an incredible look at another first on
to be mentioned again. six-foot to nine-foot possible. atlantic city, included. new york city, included. long island, as well. and then, we've got that rainfall because you heard a lot about it. at best, locally, some places could top out at a foot or more after this is all said and done. you see the heart of it, at 6 to 12 inches. and it extends back into the eastern great lakes, where you get anywhere from three, four, or even five inches of rain when this is all said and done. flooding is going to be a problem. coastal flooding a major issue. and there's snow. i'll have more on that coming up in a couple of minutes. for now, we'll go back to the studio. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. thank you. >>> meantime, this extremely dangerous superstorm has the potential to shut down new york and other big cities up and down the east coast. emergency officials are scrambling to make sure preparations are in place. and abc's john schriffen has that story from lower manhattan. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in battery park city, in what's being called zone "a." 375,000
of the country with minneapolis at 41. >>> here in new york city, police say their 911 phone lines lit up last night with reports of blood curdling screams coming from an apartment building. it turned out to be ape mother returning home to find two of her small children stabbed to death in the bathtub and their bleeding nanny holding the knife. this morning that nanny is hospitalized in critical condition and is in police custody. the grim news in city doesn't stop there either. on this friday morning. also here in new york, a veteran cop is under arrest for plotting to kidnap, rape, and torture dozens of women and cook and eat their body parts. investigators uncovered some of the gory details in a police database say they found no evidence that any women have actually been harmed. >> slightly disturbing, and talking with people online to see whether or not he could fit a woman in the oven. big enough if you fold her in half and curl up her legs. >> dark few days. >>> in the race for the white house, our poll shows the governor romney with a slight lead over president obama. >> with just 11 da
've been through hurricanes and never seen anything like this >> . new york city taxicabs submerged in the floodwaters. of the boardwalk in atlantic city in ruins. anthe new jersey shore, park collapse into the ocean. it.e will rebuild but it won't be the same. >> in new york, the city will spend the next several days pumping out flooded subway tunnels. in breezy point, new york, a cops,orhood filled with firemen, and blue-collar morers, a fire destroyed homes.0 >> the kitchen tile and the bathroom tile, that's about all. >> the cause is not known. today, of an attempt to return to normal, as mayor bloomberg bell of the new exchange and normal trading resumed. rang the bell. and new york's acordia airport is still flooded and will not accept like any time soon -- laguardia. and tourists have returned, taking pictures next to the , reporting from lower manhattan. storm continuing to cause problems in our area. happened early this morning in northwest. crews had to deal with a small electrical fire while trying to the power back on. no one injured. >> crews are doing a great job resto
with in with you. conditions have steadily been declining in ocean city, maryland. greg brianne carter joins us from the shore with the latest. some waves crashing overall. >> the concern in ocean city is the flooding and how much we will see over the next 24 hours. along the beach, looked at the scene behind us. incredible. we are seeing this. at this point between 16th street and 17th streets along the boardwalk, we're not seeing much of a beach. we're seeing some flooding against many of the hotel that had sandbags against the first floors in ocean city. talking about the response, we expect to get an update from ocean city officials about 10:00 this morning on the condition and the efforts underway. already this morning we have seen ocean city police and members of the national guard driving along the boardwalk to check out the conditions and to make sure nobody is out here this morning. that is the big concern, for safety and for flooding out here. talking about that in general, we have mandatory evacuations for areas south of this point where we are. 8:00 last night is when there were tol
of crews today to check the system and also hit in every quadrant of the city. >> making sure i am prepared in basement and are tenants are -- and our ready prepared and ready. >> this person is among the buyingave of customers depot ins at the home district. customers bought batteries. >> i really was not paying before, but i am now. >> the official leaf collection and the district starts november after the storm. as far as the beaches, we also have reporters there, bethany beach, taking this very seriously, very worried about beach erosion. they just spent the past two beach.ebuilding the they're worried this hurricane literally change the landscape. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> we will talk more about sandy broadcast, and a new advisory will be released before 11:00. also, the latest is always on >> the race for the white house the battleground of virginia including a presidential dominionthe old city.l in all, three virginia cities re hosting campaign events today. ryan was in bristol this morning. will be in charlottesville. president obama played host to people in richm
amy robach her amy, hardly anyone out there. this city has braced for the storm. >> that's right. the sto has strengthened to 80 miles per hour overnight. look at all that seafoam from the angry ocean. there's abc's matt gutman, he's been wading through it day and night. >> and hurricane sandy is such an unusual storm. a once in a generation event. sam is leading our team coverage from lower manhattan. and, sam, what exactly makes sandy so different and so powerful? >> oh, george, there's a huge list about this storm. but first, let's start with the size of this thing. we're going to show you the 3-d satellite. you're going to see the clouds that stretch from well, really, bermuda all the way up the coastline to hudson bay and canada and beyond the arctic circle. with the 3-d view, you can actually see there's been a little center. we've seen some eye in the storm and then it starts to go away. some people are surprised the storm going north gained a little strength overnight. and it did that because it moved into the warmer waters of the gulf stream. it runs off the eastern seab
get past 17, getting a area, movinglm well, rolling along at speed from dale city to the occoquan. avenal on the beltway in maryland. a live look at the american legion bridge. inner loop and outer loop travel delays.d speed and no eastbound travel, montgomery county is clear all the way to 95. back to you. >> thank you. 69 degrees. facebook giving you a new way content, but it e with a pr ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. and the first ever es hybrid. i'll have the build your own burger with a...n? sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a doue. inspiration can come from anywhere. build your own burgers are now at denny's. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. our top stories. taxes, deficits, jobs, health -- takingaking staged center stage. romney came off as aggressive the 9
people's mouths. some members of d.c. city mindil would not of sugaryg the size drinks sold in d.c. >> similar to a restriction that passed in new york city. john gonzalez is live in northwest with more details. >> good morning. , 64 is a supervision gulp of soft drinks, 750 super big gulp. a couple council members have clear they want these large drinks to be banned in the district. council members michael brown debtincent orange a greek they would agree on a ban of any drinks larger than about 16 ounces. the drink i'm holding a 64 ounces. york city there's a restriction already. the board of health as a ban on d drinks and restaurants and movie theaters. grocery and convenience stores are exempt. soft-drink companies will have a say, it added to file an injunction if it goes into effect in march. but want to file an injunction fact. march, in council member mary cheh has vocal, saying that it is a question of nutrition and .ealth it's important to mention there any movement to introduce legislation in district. it appears at least three on board ifers are reportin
around minneapolis, des moines, omaha, and kansas city. a wintry mix from rapid city to salt lake city. some snow in the cascades. and some showers from seattle to portland. >> 50s in the pacific northwest. mostly 40s in the northern rockies. 70s in the midwest. 80s around dallas, miami and new orleans. and way above normal in the mid-atlantic. >>> and coming up after the break, the first reviews are in. what people who had gotten their hands on the ipad mini are now saying. >>> and bad guys hit the bookstore. barnes & nobel customers have been hit by a big credit card security breach. >>> and later, a day of surfing turns deadly as a shark goes on the attack at a popular beach. >>> welcome back, everybody. this may come as a surprise to some folks. the u.s. is about to become the world's biggest oil producer, ahead of even saudi arabia. crude production is up for the fourth-straight year. and oil imports may fall by half by the end of the decade. one analyst says north america could become, quote, the new middle east. >>> and if you made a purchase last month as a barnes & nobel store
are running low. >> we're live outside of the costco in pentagon city. i was down there last night. it was a madhouse. what is it like today? >> there have been a steady stream of people coming in and out of the costco this morning. overnight, they got three big deliveries in anticipation of the storm. shoppers say they are not taking any risks. they are getting ready. the rush is on to stock up before sandy shows up. across the area, residents prepared for what forecasters predict could be wild weather. >> ribs and steak. as long as i have power, there is plenty of tv. >> i tried to come early this morning. >> some people wanted batteries. somewhere after just the essentials. here the generators were already sold the president prepared, so are the utility cos. pepco says they will be ready. >> depending on the damage, we will open additional staging areas to allow us to reach into prince george's county and the district. >> pepco has added 2500 linemen, tree trimmers, and damage assessors. the call centers will have extra people. in maryland, they will bring in extra worker
on this little island. >> reporter: hoboken is just across the hudson river from manhattan. it's the city where frank sinatra was born and tonight, it's 25% under water. abc's sam champion got a birds eye view today.flooding that we looking at, this is wednesday. the storm made landfall on monday night. that water, still there. >> reporter: on the ground, as many as 20,000 people may be stranded in their homes. here, an entire block, taking turns using a generator to charge their phones and make some coffee to stay warm. some are braving the stew of sewage and rainwater. dana and daniel decided to truck through. >> it's scary, you don't know how long you're going to be stuck here. you don't know how you're going to get out of town. >> reporter: dramatic scenes playing out across the region, in the desperate hours since sandy hit. last night, new york police helicopters air lifted staten island residents off their roof. up and down the jersey shore, scenes of devastation. house after house, crumpled to bits. and for many, stranded here in hoboken, there's no relief in sight. and diane, i'm stand
. if that sketch looks familiar, police want to hear from you. we are live from falls church. >> the city is installing 10 blocks of pipe lines on l street. it will mean fewer parking spaces downtown in the district. >> this is why this is so controversial. it is not the kind of bike lane we have all over the city. the kind like to see you're on 15th street. clearly defined biplanes with those markers. -- bike lanes with those markers. those who bike to work say it is quick and cost-effective, but at times, risky. >> it makes the bikers feel safer on the road. >> they applaud the city's plan to install more lanes. >> it is almost like you are risking your life. cars do not respect bikers. >> you have a war on your hands. >> new signs will remind motorists they have to make room for turning bikes. >> until we get the cyclist to obey the laws, you will have continued difficulty as they fight for the road. >> another aspect of the plan, to make room for the bike lanes, the city will get rid of 150 parking spaces on l street. >> they need the parking spaces too. it is going to be very diffic
tourist open up fire in a hotel into a resort city. we can pull up a picture so you can get a sense of what the area looks like. it is a large resort area with a lot of hotels. it is a report of a young american possibly in an exchange program and was living at the hotel. the hotel is called the leonardo club. it's on the red sea. he was in the hotel and took a gun from the security guard and then shot somebody with the gun. one person has been killed. no identity on that person nor the gunman. there are some reports right now within the past couple of minutes coming out of israel that they the gunman had possibly been shot a few minutes ago by a swat team. we have not confirmed that. we are working to confirm that for you and to try to get more information about the gunman. we hope to have that later in the newscast. back to you. >> thank you. some folks in north dakota getting a taste of winter and early. they had to pull out the snow shovels and the scraper's. snowstorm left 65 the hundred homes and businesses without power. -- 65000 homes and businesses without power. >> let's
. thunderstorms in the carolinas to florida. less windy in the nation's midsection. showers in the twin cities. chicago and detroit. going to be stormy from seattle to portland. >> 60 in the pacific northwest. mostly 50s from kansas city to detroit. 70s from new york to atlanta. >>> something incredible now from a high school football game last night in spokane, central valley down by 3 against shadow park. they needed a field goal to send the game into ot. ready? >> no problem for austin rico. all he did was step up and nail this 67-yard field goal. 67. >> yeah, 67. >> keep in mind the nfl record is 63 yards. done by four guys. >> i think this guy is going places. the game went to ot. at 55, central valley went on to win. 62-55. >> plenty of room. could have made it from 72. >> 67 yards. that's awesome. think he's got a future. yeah. >> uh-huh. >> speaking of amazing brings to mind the "world news now" nfl picks competition. >> voting for this week's games is now open. we are open for business at go there, check out the featured games. see who we all picked. vote for yoyour own p
and given the city's medal of honor. family and extended family escorted him to the ceremony, they could not say enough. >> he is great. i taught him well. >> i am proud of him. he is a good young man. >> august 15, at this alleged tried to shoot his way the family research council johnson worked security. he did not let the opposition to marriage. shot and johnson, but he kept coming. ended the attack. he is a hero for his mother and grandmother and his southeast neighbors. >> it is a little embarrassing. >> it must feel good. >> it does feel good. >> he did not want media in the the mayor's office provided these photographs. his employer was there as well. >> his courageous actions on august 15 save a lot of lives. he received the highest honor in the city. >> leo johnson says he will return to work as soon as he is his doctor. the men pleaded not guilty. is due back in federal court hearing on friday. commuters,d news for prices are on their way down. >> it is almost time for holiday shopping. much the average spend this year. >> there is one trend in fire the next virginia number one
want to over -- we want to brandy, covering the in new york city. >> good afternoon. super storms and the lived up to all the warning. at least 18 people have been according to the press.ted 8 million are without power. sandy is leaving behind a path of death, darkness, and flooding as it moves inland. my gosh, there is no wall. it lost hurricane status on it made landfall winds, bute per hour still had enough strength to manhattan with a record storm surged, pushing the n to a staten island street. new york city subways are also wonder several feet of water. >> our resources are ready to clean this up. a crane collapsed and is 0 stories above8 the street. a major hospital was evacuated backup generator sale. more than 50 homes were destroyed when two fires sparked in rockaway. >> there was a boat with us, we in in the boat and got there. firefighters rescued dozens e trapped using that boat. in new jersey family's retract in their flooded homes. >> we're trying to save as many lives as it is possible to save. snow is falling in multiple states. and millions are now without power
getting. >> from the west to the east, see what ocean city like the day after. >> alexandria is looking like ocea >> as people start to clean up, concerned about new in their neighborhoods. >> kendis gibson is in old town in alexandria. gordon and maureen, this just came up in the last hour and a half. wating this coming and high tide is not even few hours yet. night for a long owners and residents. it is not just the street in particular. king street already has water .or several blocks the fire department is on union ways awayt a little are and they are things of trying to safe.ure everyone is this is how deep it is. my boots are pretty high. city officials handed out sandbags earlier today anticipating this problem. handed out hundreds. they think by the time this is over in 72 hours, and it be as high as 4.5 feet. business owners are preparing. listen. >> i have taken all the was down low,at stock, everything is up high now. if the water comes in, the worst just muddy water cleanup. we will not lose anything. >> that is what they're hoping, this is anything close to isobel, it will
fadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," october 4th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. well, tonight, there may be a secret cash cow parked in your driveway. because that old car may actually be worth thousands of dollars more than you think. when it comes to receiving your own car, some quick, easy, do it yourself tips could help you increase the price, and there's a lot more to it than just hanging up a gas station air freshener in there. abc's sharyn alfonsi brings us the best strategy for selling your old wheels. >> reporter: meet the gross family. brian, his wife lauren, dog layla and that's their baby, who often gets into the car through the trunk. doesn't take long to figure out why they need to sell their car. >> it's a disaster. >> reporter: so, if your wife wanted to get in here she would have to sit like this, right? she would have to be, like, in the fetal position. the blue book value for the car is $9,000, but a local car dealer offered him four. he thinks it's worth more. so, brian is trying to sell it himself, putting up signs, listing it online at auto
city, this is "nightline," october 5th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. you might find them going door to door in a neighborhood near ewe. young men in shirts and ties, hoping to convert people to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. one of the fastest growing religions in the world. this work is part of a demanding two-year right of passage, a journey once taken by mitt romney. abc's bob woodruff brings us this look inside. [ knocking ] >> hi, how are you doing today? >> we're missionaries from the church -- >> reporter: the two-year mission is a right of passage for most young mormon men. >> have you ever seen missionaries in this neighborhood before? >> reporter: there are 55,000 missionaries, serving around the world. and the church allowed our team rare access into their world for two days. of door knocking, teaching -- >> called the vision of the tree of life. >> reporter: and community service. >> i am a mormon. >> i'm a mormon. >> reporter: mormons have never been so visible. while mitt romney's presidential candidacy may have ushered in a mormon moment i
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